Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello guys, its been a month since I last updated my blog and to be honest I'm not really ready to come back ... everything is ok nothing to worry about but last month besides being sick for almost 2 weeks and looking for a new place to move ( few days away, SUPER EXCITED!). I've actually been thinking in new ways to be consistent and how I can improve myself enjoying what I do. BTW my hair is no longer purple lol ... If you wondered what I've been up to this month of November the answer is YOUTUBE + INSTAGRAM! 

If you didn't know youtube was actually how I started in the social media world and I really wish I never quit years ago. Wishing won't do anything if I don't get back to what I've always loved to do and that is create videos of anything and everything.  I've been uploading in both spanish and english and still do plan to keep this my fashion blog updated with fashion "my style" which I'm still doing over on Instagram but I might take December off too to make a transition on how?,  more like getting into a schedule. Plus with the move sounds like another busy month since I'm thinking about downsizing my closet ( SHOP MY CLOSET SOON on MY POSHMARK) In my opinion blogging is easier than youtube yes but youtube has all my passion right now and it challenges me to be more creative which I love the feeling. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Cathedral of Junk ... Austin TX

Hello again, here is my favorite location + outfit I wore in Austin Tx. The Cathedral of Junk is AMAZING like I didn't know where to look and I feel like I missed out since we weren't there for too long. I live 3 hrs away meaning once I go back to visit Austin I will need to stop here one more time.  


 Photography : Gabe Media
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fringe & Prints

 Hello from Austin, well for this outfit since I wore it while I was there last week. I was so busy vlogging with one memory card that Daniel and I didn't really shoot any outfit photos. I mainly got any outfit photos thanks to GabeMedia . I can't wait to start working on this vlog which I think is going to be amazing so much fun but once again my final cut keeps crashing and I haven't been able to work on any new videos but right after this post I'm taking my computer in to see if they can help me. 
Back to my outfit, I borrowed this super cute romper from Dani and we wore these fringe jacket for the photos but I ended up not wearing mine, she did keep hers on.  I was too hot due to the romper being long sleeved plus off the shoulder (SO CUTE)... wish I had some shots without it on but  I've only worn this jacket once before so I'm happy I did shoot with it on.  

 Photography : Gabe Media
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Friday, October 16, 2015


 Hello, here are the last photos I shot with my friend Rosy. The first photo was actually a test shot but we both loved it lol my fabulous jumpsuit is from Vlabellondon ... anything from the UK I'm automatically in love but this website in particular I love how everything is color coordinated depending in what color you're on the hunt for all the RED from their site you can find HERE.  

Photography : Rosy Melina
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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Sweater Dress

Hey guys, sorry for the delay on posting but I had an emergency this week but thank god my mom is doing a lot better and soon will be back at home currently editing a new vlog and video while my mom  watches her novelas or is sleeping while playing Selena Gomez all day and night since we are so obsessed to her especially my mom puts her in a happy mood. Anyways I shot this like two weeks ago with my friend Rosy. Sweater dress I know I will be living in when the temperature starts to drop is from Necessary Clothing HERE (use coupon code ashes15 for a discount), Bag, Ami Clubwear HERE and boots are Public Desire which Im obsessed with HERE. Hope everyone is having a great week. Xo 

Photography : Rosy Melina
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